SPECIAL OCCASION hair with kristy's artistry

Kristy Alonzo, founder of Kristy's Artistry Design Team, is a Master Celebrity Stylist and leader within the Hair & Makeup Industry having one of the largest, most qualified teams in Central Florida. Based out of Orlando, she has developed a team of expert artists who perform over 7000 luxury services a year across the globe for weddings, commercial shoots, production events, movies, red carpet and live tv. Kristy has been a makeup artist and hairstylist for over 17 years traveling onsite getting clients camera ready. She's worked with a variety celebrities and media personalities, top CEO's and prominent commercial businesses, as well as, continuing to educate and develop artists who want to further their career. Over a three year period starting in 2018, Kristy studied in Russia with world renowned, Master Stylist Georgly Kot and Master Stylist Gulnara Chekoeva learning the beautiful Russian hairstyles in order to bring these lux hair techniques to the United States. She has received multiple diplomas from Georgly Kot Academy and teaches these techniques across the country. Kristy has won numerous national and international awards for both makeup and hair. Her passion is the driving force behind her vision of bringing artist's skill and knowledge to the next level.


Based upon in person consultation. Kristy and her team will provide the perfect canvas to your bridal look.


Kristy's artistry design team

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